The R-panel, one type of metal panel with exposed fasteners, has overlapping seams that are screwed together just as asphalt shingles are installed on roofs. The R-panel is the most suitable option for those who want an easy to install, as it can also be applied over open framing or a solid substrate.

How does it work? The R-panel overlaps completely over the next panel, creating better metal to metal connection for a more secure metal roofing or siding system. Installation involves entering and sealing the panel via the use of the fixing screw. It is then placed on the surface of the structure. R-panels offer long-lasing benefits when properly installed with regular maintenance and can usually be placed over existing composition shingles thereby saving time and labor costs.

The PBR panel, also known as the Purlin Bearing R-panel, is a through-fastened panel which overlaps for a stronger weatherproof metal roofing or metal siding system. PBR panels have traditionally been used for commercial and industrial roofing projects where the roof pitch is low.

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