Choosing the best metal roofing and siding colors to suit your residential, commercial, or industrial structure provides curb appeal and differentiates your property from its surroundings. Whether the metal colors stand out or match perfectly with other structures on your property, we have metal color combinations for your every need.

Before picking out a good metal roof color, it’s best to select the style of the metal panels first. It is important to note that when you install metal roofing or metal siding panels, it is difficult to change the panel colors without replacing the entire job. Therefore, selecting the color that appeases you most is essential. This decision impacts both the price of your metal roofing and siding and the color options available by panel type.

Unlike metal roofing colors, metal siding colors can be installed as wainscot, which provides you with two color options for metal wall panels. Color-matching fasteners are also available to complement all 21 metal panel colors. All fasteners come standard with an enhanced corrosion resistant coating and a weather resistant, powder-coated finish. We stock metal in 21 different colors providing you with a wide variety of color choices so that you can find the perfect finish for your home, business, metal garage or metal barn.

Board & Batten Panel Colors

PBR Panel Colors

Max Panel Colors

MaxLoc Panel Colors

Max Seam Panel Colors

5V Crimp Panel Colors


Metal roof and wall panel colors range from neutral hues to bright and vibrant shades. Whether it is a black metal roof, a green metal roof, or a plethora of metal siding color combinations, we’ve got you covered! See our photo gallery below and choose the best color combinations for your next metal roofing or siding project.

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