The Lowdown On Galvalume: Why It’s Superior To Other Coatings

Whether you’re buying material for a metal roof for your residential or commercial property, it’s important to know the difference between “Galvalume” and “galvanized steel”. The two options have very different attributes and performance characteristics, so it’s important not to confuse them.


The process of galvanizing steel requires the dipping of raw steel into molten zinc. The zinc hardens, creating an extra protective coating that stands up to rust and corrosion longer than the steel will by itself. Galvanized steel is frequently used in construction and manufacturing due to its resistance to corrosion. Generally, galvanized steel will last approximately 15-20 years with minimal maintenance.


Unlike galvanized steel, the chemical make-up of a Galvalume coating is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicone. Compared to galvanized steel, the addition of the aluminum and silicone gives the steel a significantly greater layer of protection from the elements, which allows it to last roughly twice as long as traditional galvanized steel.


Galvalume is best suited as a roofing and siding material, especially in areas that experience high humidity or precipitation of any kind…whether rain, snow or hail. It’s especially effective in building applications located in extreme extreme environments, including hurricane zones, locations with high rain or snowfall, high-temperature regions, and more.

While galvanized steel typically costs less, Galvalume is a far better material for metal roofing and siding because of it’s extended lifespan. It’s going to result in a roof that lasts far longer and provides greater protection than other roofing or siding materials.

Galvalume is highly resistant to corrosion, weathering, and degradation in a wide range of climatic conditions. It may be used on roofs, walls, trim, accents, and other building components in some of the most severe regions on earth, such as hurricane zones, high-rainfall areas, high-temperature places, and more.

• Galvalume can stand up to harsh weather conditions without rusting or flaking off the surface like regular paint
• Galvalume’s corrosion resistance is about two to four times better than galvanized metal
• Galvalume is reasonable priced and one of the most affordable metal materials available for roofing and siding products
• It can last several decades without any extreme signs of corrosion
• It has self-healing characteristics that aid in the prevention of red rust at the cut/exposed edges

This is why Galvalume outperforms other coatings when it comes to superior corrosion resistance in a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial uses. It’s easy-to-use coating provides an innovative approach towards building materials while giving you peace of mind knowing that your home or work space is protected.

A metal roof that is made using Galvalume is lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and also provides protection from ultraviolet rays that can cause fading or discoloration on other metals. Galvalume is the optimal material if you’re looking for a coating that will last longer than others.

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