Commercial metal roofing is the best type of roofing for commercial properties. It is a great investment for businesses that want to have a durable, long-lasting product.

Advantages of Commercial Metal Roofing and Siding

More and more often, business and commercial property owners find that a commercial metal roof system, such as a standing seam metal roof, provides many benefits, including durability and lower maintenance. These benefits result in saving building owners time and money.


Commercial roof systems are long-lasting and durable. Metal roofs can last decades without requiring huge amounts of maintenance. This means you won’t have to worry about your roof leaking or developing other types of problems once installed by a reputable and experienced metal roofing contractor. 

Commercial metal roofs last 2-4 times as long as traditional materials like asphalt shingles or other traditional built up roofing systems. Additionally, metal roofs have fire resistance qualities. When it comes to commercial buildings, fire can be disastrous. Because metal roofing and siding can withstand significantly higher temperatures compared to other materials, damage from fire can be minimized.

Also, if your building is on the coast or in a high-wind area, metal roofs are especially important because they will protect against strong winds and extreme weather conditions that would otherwise cause extensive damage to other types of roofing material. They also don’t discolor or lose their shape as quickly as other building materials – this means the roof will look the same for many years to come!


Metal roof panels are also made with quality materials that can combat the elements and protect homes from extreme weather such as heavy snow, hail and rain. A residential metal roof is made from heavy gauge polymer-coated steel that has superior impact resistance.  

Metal roofs will last for decades. If you’re looking to save money in the long run, metal is definitely a choice worth considering. Steel roofs can also provide business owners with significant value for their money when it comes to energy efficiency and the ability to save on cooling costs during hot summer months.  


MetalMax offers a wide range of panel styles and colors to suite the needs of any commercial property.  Metal Roofing and Siding colors can be chosen to complement your business branding so that your location stands out as memorable.  

Roof and Wall Panels

MetalMax offers a wide variety of premium commercial metal panels to improve the look and functionality of your building. From standing seam panels and exposed fastener panels to the popular R-panel, you will find a variety of commercial applications to fit your needs. Steel panels are available in a variety of profiles, lengths, and gauges that may be used for roofs, siding, or sliding doors on residential, commercial, and agricultural structures.

Low Maintenance

A metal roofing system is an attractive option because it requires minimal maintenance and lasts decades, as compared to other types of materials used for commercial purposes.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofing systems are a great option for all commercial properties. Commercial metal siding panels and steel shingles will provide energy efficiency benefits to building owners. This will lower energy costs in the long run, and provide your company with a better looking bottom line.


Metal roofs look good!  They can give any building an updated and premium appearance, but can also lend a “vintage” character that you might be looking for.  And compared to other roofing materials, metal roofing panels are available in a much wider range of colors.  

Whether you’re looking for traditional appeal or something more modern, you’ll find what you’re looking for with this type of roofing. When it comes to a company’s image, aesthetics matter. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular with the general public because of their visual appeal.

Energy Savings

Another advantage is energy efficiency. MetalMax metal roofing and siding panels reflect more of the sun’s rays which lowers roof surface temperatures and decreases the amount of heat transferred into the building, reducing the amount of air conditioning required to cool the inside space.

Not only does a metal roof system help you save on your monthly bill, but it also helps protect the environment and make your home more comfortable in hot or cold weather.  With a metal roofing system optimized for energy efficiency, you’ll enjoy long-term cost savings on your energy bill while also joining in on the environmentally-friendly movement.

Professional Installation

Metal roofs are also a great choice for business owners who want to save money on their next renovation project, as metal can be installed by a professional roofing contractor on top of as many as two layers of asphalt roofing without any tear-off required (as long as roof decking is in good condition).  It is important to contract a roofing professional that’s experienced in installing metal roofs to evaluate the job and perform the work correctly.

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