Post-frame metal roofing and siding is a popular choice for those who want to invest in their home. This type of material is attractive, affordable, durable and provides structural integrity. It can easily last decades longer than other roofing materials and can be attached directly to the frame without an intermediate layer like OSB decking.  MetalMax metal roofing and siding panels are very durable, which means it will not rust or break easily, so you know your investment in this type of material is worth every penny.

Advantages of Post-Frame Metal Roofing and Siding

The building technique typically used to build pole barns is post-frame construction, which is not confined to one specific design. Post frame construction may be used to create a wide range of agricultural buildings, municipal buildings, houses, sheds, or barn structures. The structure is supported by posts embedded into the ground or affixed to a concrete foundation. The roof frame is built of engineered wood trusses linked by 2×4 purlins, placed on top of the posts. The structure is then topped with premium metal panels for structural durability and a sleek look.

Cost Efficient

Because they are generally constructed on a concrete slab rather than a cinder block foundation, building post-frame structures has a lower foundation cost. In addition, because it is built more quickly and efficiently than other structures, labor and material expenses will be lower.

Energy Efficient

Because metal roofing and siding reflects radiant heat from the sun, post-frame buildings constructed with metal roofing or siding panels will have greater natural temperature control.  

Quicker Assembly

A home in the post-frame industry is built faster than a stick-built house. Made with a large selection of the highest quality materials for steel roofing and siding panels, construction of this kind of building takes less time than other types of construction.

Low Maintenance

Steel panels are usually used on the outside of post-frame constructions. Steel roofs are also low-maintenance materials that require little care once they’re installed correctly on your property. They don’t need to be painted like traditional wood shingles, so you won’t have to worry about chipping, peeling, discoloration or randomly losing shingles during storms. 


Using a post-frame and metal panel design, you may construct a range of structures, including agricultural, commercial, and residential buildings. Unlike frame buildings, post-frame construction enables an open floor plan design and layout, as well as the use of materials like block, wood, brick, and vinyl to give it a distinctive look. Post frame constructions also enable one to select from a variety of exterior finishes to complete the project. You can choose your metal panel, trim, doors, or roofing siding, based on your style and preference.

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