Standing seam roof panels stand together in one piece and are concealed by hidden fasteners. Hidden fastener panels tend to be more weathertight than exposed fasteners. The greatest pro of standing seam roofs is their long-lasting strength. In optimal conditions the lifespan can reach as far as 50 years. The standing seam panel can serve as an all-around solution considering its durability, longevity, and minimal maintenance.

How does it work? Standing seam metal panels have a female leg and a male leg which snap together without need for hand-drawn seams. Hidden fasteners versus exposed fasteners offer the best possible security as hidden fasteners do not damage the standing seams and are not exposed to weather conditions. Less maintenance is needed to protect your standing seam roof against the elements and your roofing will be more attractive than ever.

The MaxSeam™ is a metal roofing and metal siding system with standing seams that snap together. This panel type has concealed fasteners which attach under the panel, so the clean appearance of the standing seams is retained. This panel is modern and sophisticated.

The MaxLoc™ standing seam panel creates a system of fixed seams attached to the surface by clippers. MaxLoc™ panels are vertically inclined and have wide flat surfaces around the legs of the limb. This style of stand-alone panel is ideal for appeal, cost, and ease of installation.

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