5 Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing or Siding

There is no denying that metal last longer than traditional asphalt shingles, but is it really worth the additional costs? The answer is YES. We are going to dig a little deeper into the real reasons why you should consider metal when it comes to your home roofing system.


Americans spend approximately $40 billion annually to air condition buildings, one-sixth of all electricity generated in this country. MetalMax metal roofing and siding panels reflect more of the sun’s rays.  This can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees Farenheit, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into the building and reducing the amount of air conditioning needed in the building. 

Metal is HANDS DOWN one of the most energy efficient roofing materials available today. It provides you wallet savings up to 40% in air conditioning costs, as well as excellent insulation during winter. With a metal roofing system optimized for energy efficiency, you’ll enjoy long-term cost savings on your energy bill while also joining in on the environmentally- friendly move. 

How does it really save that much money? 

The secret to metal roofing’s energy savings is in its variety of finishes. The basic, unpainted metal roof will reflect more solar radiation than an asphalt roof, which typically absorbs and HOLDS heat. For structures in warmer climates, pre- painted metal panels not only reflect solar energy, but also cool the structure by re-emitting nearly 90% of what solar radiation is absorbed.


Metal is THE eco-friendliest and most environmentally sustainable roofing material available. It is comprised of at least 25% recycled material and is fully recyclable at the end of its long-life span. Metal roofing also weighs half as much as asphalt, so new or remodeled structures can be designed with a lighter structural material overall. 

In Contrast… 

Asphalt roofing is made from a combination of oil, impregnated paper or fiberglass, and gravel. A typical asphalt roof contains hundreds of gallons of crude oil and needs to be replaced every 12-20 years depending on the pitch of the roof. Furthermore, 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into U.S. landfills every year. That is A LOT.


A properly installed quality metal roof is practically impervious to a wide-range of extreme climate conditions. Modern residential roofs will not warp, crack, rot, or rust, and will last up to 50 years with very little maintenance required! Less maintenance means less stress!  


With an array of styles, paint options, and coatings available, you can easily find the perfect look to compliment your structure. Metal roofing also offers you a wide variety of standing seam or through fastened panels, depending on your specific needs or preferred styles.


As much as you pay in insurance premiums every year, you may get very excited that there are potential discounts and tax credits you could be eligible for. Several of those discounts and credits become available when you select a metal roof for your structure or business. As you know, a metal roof is highly durable, fire-resistant, energy efficient, and impact resistant. Savings on top of savings!

maxseam metal roofing southern living home

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