Skylights for metal roofs can easily be integrated within your building and are available in many shapes to meet the most popular metal roofing panel types. It retains its impact strength over many temperature levels while meeting the requirements of building codes.

Skylight panels for metal roofing protect against UV damage as they absorb most sunlight. These light transmitting panels are suitable for use as skylights for curved roof panels and for roof lights, as well as vertical walls and glazing. Skylight panels are made of polycarbonates, which are thermoplastics that have high strength and resilience. Actual life spans could reach as long as 30+ depending on the installation technique and environmental factors such as air pollution, wind erosion, etc.

Metal roof skylight panels, or light transmitting panels, are a Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet that offer a high degree of light transmittance due to its high optical properties.

Skylight panels are virtually unbreakable, economical, and lightweight. Metal roof skylights are 10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass.

Metal roof skylight panels are durable and undergo rigorous tests to prove that their properties are indestructible, making them an excellent choice for home and workplace spaces with very little sunlight. MetalMax sells SunSky panels, which carry limited 10-year light transmission and breakage warranties from the manufacturer.


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