The small details matter. Metal roofing trim seals joints together to redirect water from penetrating home, business, or other metal structures. Metal trim is the finishing touch that blends metal wall panels and metal roofing panels and gives your building a polished look while keeping the structure weather resistant. Custom trimming sizes can be ordered as trim pieces can vary according to roof dimensions.

MetalMax offers a variety of trim styles and colors to complement your building’s appearance. If we don’t already have what you need in stock, we can also create custom trim in lengths up to 26ft to match your specific needs.


Max Panel metal roofing and siding trim help to keep your building or metal structure weathertight and waterproof. MetalMax offers a variety of styles and colors of Max Panel trim. Styles vary by location.

  • Door Edge
  • Door Jamb Wide
  • Door Post
  • Double Angle
  • End Wall
  • Fascia
  • Flat Sheet Gable
  • Gable
  • Inside Corner
  • Inside Single Angle
  • J-Trim
  • Keystone
  • Lower Gambrel
  • Overhead Door Jamb
  • Rat Guard
  • Residential Drip Edge
  • Residential Eave
  • Residential Hip Cap
  • Residential Rake
  • Residential Ridge Cap
  • Residential Valley
  • Round Track Cover
  • Side Wall
  • Single Angle
  • Soffit
  • Square Track Cover Narrow
  • Upper Gambrel
  • Wide Ridgecap
  • Window Cap


PBR Panel trim for metal roofing is most popular for commercial and industrial buildings. The PBR Panel trim ensures a seamless finished look for any metal project. MetalMax offers a variety of styles and colors of R-Panel trim. Styles vary by location. 

  • Base Trim
  • Box Rake
  • Double Angle 
  • End Wall 
  • Hi-Side Eave
  • House Rake
  • Inside Angle 2×2
  • Inside Angle 3×3
  • Inside Angle 4×4
  • Inside Corner
  • J-Trim
  • Jamb Header
  • Jamb Trim
  • Long Eave Trim
  • Outside Angle 2×2
  • Outside Angle 3×3 
  • Outside Angle 4×4
  • Outside Corner
  • Rake
  • Rat Guard
  • Short Eave
  • Side Wall
  • Skylight Trim
  • Tie-In
  • Universal Ridge
  • Valley
  • Wide Valley
  • Window Cap


Standing seam trim on metal roofing prevents dripping moisture from entering the building’s structure. MetalMax offers a variety of styles and colors of standing seam trim which includes. Styles vary by location.

  • 14Z Bar
  • 16Z Bar
  • Box Rake
  • Cleat
  • Counter Flashing
  • End Wall
  • Flush Eave
  • Square Eave
  • Step Rake 14
  • Step Rake 16
  • Hip Cap
  • Offset Cleat
  • Pitch Change
  • Plumb Eave
  • Reglet Flashing
  • Side Wall
  • Single Slope Ridge
  • Step Ridge
  • Valley
  • Vent Retainer

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