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Discover the Value of the MaxLocTM Panel
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Color of the Month

Copper Metallic

Copper Metallic pairs nicely with a variety of siding colors and will give your home a premium appearance!
Residential - Commercial - Post-Frame
Discover the Value of the MaxLocTM Panel
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Color of the Month

Copper Metallic

Copper Metallic pairs nicely with a variety of siding colors and will give your home a premium appearance!
Residential - Commercial - Post-Frame

why metal roofing & siding

Steel is a unique material that can be recycled through a closed-loop system, meaning that the steel is truly reused and recycled, conserving energy, and natural resources. Metal roofing and siding is an excellent cost-effective alternative to asphalt shingle roofs as the it is permanent and will rarely need replacing. Consider equipping your residential, commercial, or agricultural space with steel roofing and siding. You will conserve energy in your home and leave a minimal environmental footprint on the planet.

Metal Max Architectural Appeal


Architectural Appeal

Our panel options work for wide range of building designs, shapes & colors. They can be used creatively to design structures that reflect the owner’s personality.
Metal Environmental Roofing


Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs are 100% recyclable. In contrast, most shingle tear-off waste ends up in landfills as part of the building-related waste stream — up to 20 billion pounds per year.
metal roof long term value

Durable &
Long Lasting

Durable & Long Lasting

Metal roofs will not warp, crack, rot, or rust. They are mildew and termite resistant and will last 40-70 years with little to no maintenance. A traditional asphalt roof lasts only 12-20 years.
metal roof fire resistance

Fire & Weather

Fire & Weather Resistance

Metal roofing can protect your home or business against high winds, hail, and is Class A fire rated (the highest)—all of which can help you qualify for insurance discounts!
Easy Metal Roof Installation

Easy &
Fast Installation

Easy & Fast Installation

In many cases, metal roofing can be installed on top of an existing shingle roof, eliminating the cost and mess of tearing shingles off.
Energy Efficient Roofing


Energy Efficient

Metal roofing is very energy efficient and can provide an overall energy savings of up to 40% in air conditioning costs and provides excellent insulation during the winter.


MetalMax offers premium metal roofing and siding panels and trim in a wide variety of styles and colors to make your building look beautiful.  From classic and low maintenance panels to more versatile panels, MetalMax is equipped for your needs. These panels can be used for roofs, siding, or sliding doors on residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings.  MetalMax also supplies the related building supplies, accessories and contractor tools that will ensure your building systems function efficiently and that contractor jobs are accomplished quickly and safely.

A through-fastened panel with 36” width coverage, major ribs at 12” on center and a height of 1 ¼” inches. Available in 26-gauge, it’s ideal for commercial or industrial applications because of its strength and its ability to span open framing.

A through-fastened panel with 36” total coverage, major ribs at 9” and a major rib height of ¾”.  Available in both 26 and 29 gauge, it’s our most economical option and is suitable for residential, commercial, agricultural & post-frame projects.

The MaxLoc™ is a standing seam panel that attaches through a concealed fastener leg, reducing opportunity for leakage and providing a clean look. This panel has a coverage of 16” with 7/8” tall rib height and is available in 26 & 24 gauge.

The MaxSeam™ standing seam panel that utilizes a hidden clip fastener to attach to a solid substrate, creating a clean look and reducing the opportunity for leakage.  The panel has a coverage of 14” and a rib height of 1 ¾”, creating a high-end appearance.

Available on PBR Panels and Max Panels, Drip Stop anti-condensation felt provides a medium for trapping condensation in the specially designed pockets formed in the membrane. The pockets hold that moisture until relative humidity falls back below 100% and the moisture is released back into the air.

MetalMax offers a variety of trim shapes and ridge vent systems for each panel style, and colors to complement your building’s appearance. Options include Standing Seam Trim, PBR Panel Trim, and Max Panel Trim. Custom trim shapes are also available.

MetalMax sells fasteners, sealants, underlayments, pipe boots & sealant tape that are easy to use and are designed/formulated specifically to attach, seal or insulate metal roofing and siding to create a weathertight structure.  Fasteners and touch up pens are available in colors to match your roofing and siding panels. 

Red iron steel or structural steel is one of most used steel types for buildings around the world. This provides incredible strength and durability making it ideal for long lasting structures with wide-open spaces. It is also rust resistant, fire resistant, and termite resistant.

MetalMax is your one-stop-shop for your metal roofing and siding tools. Whether you are looking for crimpers, shears, snips, caulk guns, or even extension cords and tape measures…MetalMax has you covered!

MetalMax carries critical building supplies including walk-in doors, roll-up doors, sliding door accessories, post brackets and polycarbonate skylight panels that allow natural light into a non-insulated structure like a warehouse or barn.

Project types

Metal roofing and siding offers the highest quality, value, and performance and can protect your property from the most dangerous weather and elements all with minimal maintenance at prices competitive with traditional asphalt shingles. MetalMax offers a full range of roofing products that can be used on everything from the simplest agricultural shed to the most elaborate barn, home, or business. We manufacture a broad range of product designs as well as architecturally appealing color choices. MetalMax understands how critical it is to business owners and building contractors to have a roof that prolongs the life of the building, so you get more bang for your buck.


MetalMax is a leading manufacturer of high-quality metal roofing and siding with locations in Tennessee, Texas, New Hampshire, Georgia and Oregon. We provide metal panels, trim, red iron, underlayment, screws, tools, sliding doors, and accessories for residential, agricultural, commercial, and post-frame building needs. Our operations continue to grow as we meet the needs of our customers locally and nationally.

metal roof colors

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

We use Galvalume® coated steel panels, which protect the panel from rust using layers of metal and polymer coatings to maintain corrosion resistance.

Custom Trim Shapes

Custom Trim Shapes

Builders know that no two structures are exactly the same, so we’re here to make the one-off custom trim shapes needed to finish any job to perfection.

In it for
the Long-Haul

In it for the Long-Haul

We manufacturing in 5 locations nationwide and offer a 40-YEAR limited warranty on our WeatherXL coatings, backed by Sherwin Williams.

Job Site

Job Site Delivery

There is no need to stress about logistics. Our services offer delivery to safely bring the materials needed to the job site, so you don’t have to.


Customer Service

We guarantee quality products that meet our customer’s expectations. Our staff is helpful and considerate to all metal roofing needs, big and small.
Faster Lead Times


Faster Lead-Times

With 5 locations in the U.S., we manufacture AND can deliver using our own trucks, ensuring you’ll get the products you need…WHEN you need them.

Need help with your roofing or siding project?

If you are considering metal for a roof or building project, MetalMax is here to help. We are a knowledgeable manufacturer in both metal roofing as well as metal building materials.

Please feel free to contact us via phone or complete the form below. Items marked by an asterisk must be filled out. Please keep in mind, the more information and detail you can provide, the more precise we can be with your quote. We will review your information and get back with you as quickly as possible. Thank You!