In addition to all our panel and trim options, MetalMax offers a variety of roll-up doors and door accessories. Select trim can be used to create a custom designed roll-up door as well.  A commercial sheet metal roll-up door is a quality investment as well as easy to assemble. These door units come in a pre-assembled, compact design for faster installation and less headache.

Although they are related, it is important to note that roll-up doors are different than residential, overhead garage doors. Roll-up doors are more like paper towel rolls which coil around themselves and roll outward, taking up little overhead space. Residential overhead garage doors roll out over open tracks with panels that lift when raised along a path.

MetalMax’s roll-up doors include a drum wheel that is 9 ½” in diameter, maximum opening size of 12’ wide by 14’ high (168 sq.ft.), and a reduced, right hand only chain hoist.

Push-up, hand chain or internal electric operations are also available with the purchase of these doors.

These commercial or industrial roll-up doors can also be insulated to manage indoor temperature variations, cooling and heating costs, and to save energy.

roll up doors
roll up doors


If you are considering metal for a roof or building project, MetalMax is here to help. We are a knowledgeable manufacturer in both metal roofing as well as metal building materials.

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