Ridge vents have become the preferred choice for metal roofs. This vent system can be used for ventilation at the loft and are mounted along the roof’s ridge lines, running continuously along its length. Standard roof vents are typically 10ft long and are used for industrial and agricultural buildings.

The right ventilation for new metal roofing projects is crucial. With no proper ventilation metal roofs can cause more internal condensation via thermal insulation or “sweating”. This moisture can create unhealthy molds and mildew and may cause structural damage. Ventilators have largely contributed to energy consumption, life span, and efficiency for buildings with metal roofing.

Like most roof systems, metal roofing is breathed in. Metal roofs are equipped with static ventilation to promote air flow. This means the airflow is not dependent upon a fan or other method that allows proper air movement. It’s essential to install roof vents correctly so that your building has good ventilation to maintain the correct balance between intake and exhaust.


Snap-Z roof vents are optimal for roofs with standing seam panels.  Installation is fast and simple, they withstand harsh weather elements and prevent entry to birds, most bugs, and other critters…all while preserving the look of your hidden fastener standing seam roof. 

Snap-Z roof vents are hidden fastener ridge vents made with foam protected by wire mesh for long-standing durability and protection from the elements. Snap-Z vents offer a patented metal ridge roof ventilation system.



FlexPro™ is a balanced combination of features from our superior LP2™ and economical Flex-O-Vent™ products. Available as a roll or profile-cut stick, FlexPro™ features a 40-year limited warranty and our proprietary adhesive for superior hold. It provides cooling air flow vital to meeting building codes, reducing utility costs, and minimizing long-term building damage caused by improper ventilation.

Unlike products that use polyurethane to absorb moisture and freeze or block ventilation, FlexPro™ remains durable through all seasons. Its low-profile design also offers a rib-cut appearance that fits most metal roofing systems. FlexPro™ vents can be used on projects using PBR or Max Panels.



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