Metal roofing insulation serves as a vapor barrier that nurtures the durability of your roofing system by preventing excess moisture underneath the roof panels. Insulation also improves the efficiency of your metal roof by reducing heating and cooling costs for your residential or commercial property during winter and summer months.

At MetalMax, metal roofing insulation can be chosen with many possibilities. Not only is it an excellent vapor barrier, but insulation also provides soundproofing to your roof during harsh weather conditions. Metal roofing insulation is a necessary accessory for metal roofing panels to ensure your structure is also up to building code, as a specified R-value for the insulation enhances its performance value. The R-value of metal roofing insulation is determined by its insulation type, thickness, and density. Insulated metal panels can provide your roof with cost-effective energy efficiency and top-tier sustainability.


Single bubble insulation offers a long-lasting barrier to block moisture and air vapor transfer and helps in stopping condensation. The cooling break provided with air bubbles keeps warm, humid air from escaping, entrapping the cold air at the opposite side. The trapped air within the bubbles provides insulation that helps keep warm air inside and prevents unwanted cold from reaching your enclosed space. 

This insulation type is 4-mm thick and consists of a layer of air bubbles laminated between aluminum foil on one side and white polyethylene on the other side. 

Single Bubble Insulation reduces air infiltration and energy costs. It also provides an excellent R-value while preventing condensation. This type of metal roof insulation is not affected by mold and is easy to maintain.


Double Bubble Insulation is a reliable, long-lasting vapor barrier which comes 8-mm thick and consists of two layers of air bubbles laminated between aluminum foil and a white polyethylene film.

This type of insulation reduces condensation, air infiltration, and energy costs. It also reduces inside heat gains and provides an excellent R-value while preventing condensation. This type of metal roof insulation has a compact shape, is lightweight, easy to clean, and not affected by mold.

Installation for double bubble insulation is simple and swift and fits well into complex shapes. Double bubble foil insulated panels provide excellent thermal protection and prevent condensation while giving metal panels a clean interior appearance.


Our Fiberglass insulation is a resilient, flexible fiberglass blanket laminated to a high-quality vapor retarder facing. It is the most common and cost-effective solution used for insulating pre-engineered metal buildings for roofing and siding.

Faced fiberglass can be installed as a single layer or combined with unfaced MBI fiberglass and various support hardware to create a “High R-Value System.”

Vinyl back insulation also offers good protection against fires because of its thick, non-flammable thermal interior.


If you are considering metal for a roof or building project, MetalMax is here to help. We are a knowledgeable manufacturer in both metal roofing as well as metal building materials.

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