Exposed fastener panels are screwed down metal panels that reveal a bolt or a screw on an externally exposed surface. Generally metal roofing or siding using these panels are more common for uninhabited and unheated projects such as barns, sheds & carports. Because this type of panel does not use hand-sewing or mechanical seaming to fasten, it is more widely available and can be purchased in most home stores.

How does it work? Most exposed fastener panel systems are made using lap seams that overlap one another and are secured together with the edges of the panels by a screw. Exposed fastener panels are great for DIYers as they are easy to install, and they can save you the expense of labor costs. The exposed fastener panel is also the more economical option versus the competing standing seam panel. Because the fasteners are exposed, this panel type can be accessorized with color matching screws as well.

The Max (Rib) Panel is an exposed, or through-fastened, panel and is fabricated using superior steel in both 26- and 29-gauge. Both economical and structural, Max Panels are a common and inexpensive option to add value and elegance to a residence or commercial property.

The 5V Crimp exposed fastened, or through-fastened, panel is frequently used for roofing and siding projects because of its aesthetic appeal and high performance. The Crimp Panel 5V is ideal for agriculture because it has the strength and ability to endure a variety of weather conditions.

5v crimp panel
Available Only In Florida

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